Hunter Guidelines

Hunt for Your Inner Slut is meant to be a fun experience for everyone involved, whether you are a hunter, merchant, or part of the hunt staff. To make sure it stays that way we have a few guidelines for our hunters to keep in mind while they hunt.

Please do not complain about hunt objects missing or not working before the start date, or after the end date.

  • The participating merchants cannot make their gifts available prior to the hunt starting.
  • The participating merchants can choose to sell their hunt gifts once the hunt ends but they are not required to do so.
  • The start and end dates are listed below for your convenience.
    1. The hunt will start January 15, 2019 at 12:00AM SLT (00:00).
    2. The hunt will end February 15, 2019 at 11:59PM SLT (23:59).

Remember that you are a guest at each location you visit.

  • Respect the rules and land settings of merchant locations while you are there.
  • Don’t shout while in the stores you visit. It’s considered rude, especially if there are other shops nearby.

If you need help, ask.

  • You can ask the staff of the location or the hunt group for help.
  • We’re a friendly bunch and we try to help when we are able.

Don’t cheat!

  • We consider the use of the following while on the hunt to be cheating.
    1. location lists
    2. area search
    3. de-rendering
    4. beacons
    5. wireframe
    6. other similar tools and viewer features
  • If you are caught doing so the merchant can eject and ban you from their location.
  • Merchants may choose to let hunt staff know if a hunter has been found cheating.
  • If hunt staff finds out about someone cheating there may be further actions taken.

Don’t give away the hunt item location.

  • Helping is one thing, outright giving locations away is another.
  • Giving away the location is also considered cheating.

Don’t badmouth a shop, gifts, other hunters, or hunt staff.

  • If you don’t like a gift, just delete it.
    • Remember that it was free, so you are not out any money for it.
    • If a gift is not representative of the goods in the store that gave it to you then please let the hunt staff know via IM.
  • We are all adults, lets act like it and show each other some respect.

If you have an issue let the hunt staff know.

  • It doesn’t matter if it is with a merchant location or a fellow hunter, if there is an issue that effects the hunt or hunters we want to know.
  • Your feedback allows us to become a better hunt every round.

Above all else we want you to have fun.

We would not be here if it were not for our awesome hunters, and we want to provide all of you with an enjoyable experience. So enjoy the hunt, find the gifts, and have fun with your fellow hunters.