Hi everyone!!!!

You will notice that the hunt is far smaller than normal. We decided to go ahead and run the hunt regardless of size, so that we are consistently running every 6 months;) Please excuse our growing pains as we get known again as the best adult hunt in Second Life again;)

“Welcome To The Jungle, Baby!” round of Hunt for Your Inner Slut is going to be a little rock and roll, and a lot of the jungly sort, but always the naughty little hunt that you know and love!

So please welcome the merchants for Hunt for Your Inner Slut – Welcome to the Jungle, Baby!!!

Group Notice Sent by: SufferingFrom Lockjaw
The Official Lineup for HYIS – Welcome to the Jungle, Baby!
I originally chose 2 sponsors, but there are only 5 stores this round.. So no fighting over it, folks.. lol

FetishLife Furniture

.Hot Stuff.
K&M Designs
Fusion Fashion

Please keep an eye out, the stroke of the clock after 23:59 (11:59PM) SLT on June 15th, all the cocks come live and the hints will be live at THIS HINT PAGE!

Lusty regards,

WIth Lusty Regards,
Leannan McCormick-Taka
Founder/Coordinator/Main Slave to the Cock
Hunt for Your Inner Slut

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