Merchant Rules

Eligibility Requirements and Application Deadline:

  • All STORES MUST BE ON MODERATE OR ADULT RATED LAND. This hunt’s object is a golden set of male genitalia. As such, if your store is on a region with an incompatible maturity rating, or having a penis hanging around your store might be in violation of your rental agreement, this hunt is probably not for you.
  • NO FORCED LPs (Landing Points) that do not land your customers in front of (or inside of) your store. Malls with forced landing points are confusing for some hunters. If you are a store owner in a mall, please make sure that the mall owner is courteous enough to allow you to set your landmarks in front of your store.
  • NO CLUBS. This means no night clubs, no hangout clubs, no escort businesses. Even if you are a creator and want to hide the object in your club that is on the side of (or in) your store, it is not allowed. Hunters understand a little lag, but going through a wave of people and enthusiastic hostesses can be QUITE annoying, and confusing when the prize is not what is sold in that building.
  • NO RESALE or BUSINESS IN A BOX (BiaB) stores will be accepted. This type of store is defined as one with more than 20% of its products consisting of items from resale kits or third party creators. Collaborative stores and stores with resale items from other creators are perfectly welcome, but the bulk of the products in your store should be under your own store or brand name. If more than 20% of the products sold in your store are reseller or BiaB vendors/items then your application will likely be rejected.
  • June 05, 2023 is the last day applications will be accepted.

Hunt Gifts

  • The theme for this round is Get Splashed. You can translate this theme however you wish, get as loose or as literal as you want. Make it sexy, make it sensual, make it something from your heart. Don’t wait until the week OF the hunt to make your item, start making it when you submit your application.
  • Make this gift something that TRULY reflects your store’s products!
  • NOTE: If you are using any full permissions textures, templates, mesh/sculpted objects, or other materials you may have purchased to make your gift, please make sure to check the terms of service from the creators of those items to ensure you may use them in a L$0 hunt. Some creators restrict the use of their materials in freebie items or in hunt gifts while other creators do not. It is up to you to check how you are allowed to use any materials you may have purchased.
  • WARNING: If you put inferior products into this hunt, we may not allow your store back into the hunt.

Hunt Signs and Hiding Helpers

  • Hunt signs and scripted hiding helper objects are distributed as stores are accepted to the hunt.
  • Put out your sign out when you receive it or as soon as possible. It should be placed with other event signs and in such a way that it is able to be easily found and recognized by hunters. This lets hunters know they are in the right place, and lets your customers know that you have a hunt item to find.
  • Official signs must be out by June 15, 2023.
  • You must use the official sign. No substitute signs will be allowed.
  • DO NOT DELETE THE SCRIPTS OR ADD ADDITIONAL SCRIPTS!!!! The sign script will send us an email stating that you have put your sign out, the hiding helper object script will help you find a suitable hiding place and come up with hints.
  • YOU MAY RESIZE THE SIGN IF NEEDED. The sign permissions may say “no mod” in your inventory, but only the items inside it are no mod. If you choose to resize your sign please be reasonable about it.
  • DO NOT CHANGE THE NAME, GENERAL APPEARANCE, TEXTURES, RELATIVE POSITION OF PRIMS IN THE SIGN, OR LINKSET OF THE SIGN IN ANY WAY. The sign is set up to be recognizable. It provides your visitors with information about the hunt and an example of the hunt object for reference, so we insist that you not alter the appearance of the sign beyond resizing it if absolutely necessary. In addition the sign helps you as a merchant by providing you with a random hint giver and a count of the number of times that your hunt object has been requested by visitors. If you alter the linkset of the sign, it may fail to function as intended.
  • DO NOT BURY PARTS OF THE SIGN IN A WALL OR SIMILAR STRUCTURE. The front side of your sign has an example of the hunt object for new hunters to reference, therefore it must be visible to your visitors.
  • The hiding helper object that is distributed along with the hunt sign can be used to assist with finding an appropriate hiding spot, coming up with a hint, and to familiarize yourself with the size requirements of the final object.
  • DO NOT LINK THE HIDING HELPER OBJECT TO ANYTHING!!! This object will delete itself entirely on the day that the hunt begins. This includes any prims it happens to be in or linked to at the time, not just the script.
  • READ THE “Script Instructions for Participating Merchants” notecard in your welcome package folder. If you have any questions, ask SufferingFrom Lockjaw.

Store Lineup

  • Between June 05, 2023 and June 10, 2023 store order will be determined. During this time SufferingFrom Lockjaw and her RL hubby will make a list of the stores, cut it up, and shove it into a bra cup from which SufferingFrom Lockjaw’s RL hubby pulls out your store lineup. (Yes, really. This is how we roll in HYIS, and besides, you can’t get much more impartial than the RL hubby who rolls his eyes that he is being forced to help out.)
  • Once the lineup is determined SufferingFrom Lockjaw will prepare the hunt objects for you.

Hunt Object

  • Hunt Objects are distributed on June 10, 2023. If you have not gotten your folder within 24 hours of this date let SufferingFrom Lockjaw know ASAP. We all know SL sometimes likes to eat inventory in transit.
  • HUNT OBJECTS MUST BE OUT By June 25, 2023 at 11:59pm SLT (23:59 for the non-Americans). If you don’t think that you will be home/awake before starting time, PLEASE put your object out BEFORE you are unavailable.
  • Remember the hunt object will activate itself at midnight, so you can hide your object at any point after you receive it.
  • You can safely add up to 20 items of any type other than scripts into your hunt objects to give to hunters. The hunt object will not give out any scripts, so if you intend to distribute scripts as part of your gift you will need to ensure they are boxed up prior to being placed inside the hunt object.
  • You must include at least one item that is not a script, notecard, or a landmark inside the hunt object. Otherwise the hunt object will not activate on time.
  • Once your hunt gifts are properly loaded inside the hunt object you should be ready for the hunt. If your gifts aren’t properly loaded inside the hunt object, it won’t activate on time, so double and triple check that you have everything right.
  • You may use any name and/or description on the hunt object you wish.
  • You may link the hunt object to other objects in your store if you observe the following rules:
    1. When linking the hunt object to any other object you must ensure that the hunt object is a child prim of the resulting link set.
    2. If the object you link the hunt object to is scripted it must not interfere with the script inside the hunt object in any way.
    3. You may not link your hunt object to any object that is for sale. We don’t want to hear about hunt objects bringing up payment dialogs.
  • You may resize the hunt object as needed, but must ensure it is no smaller than x = 0.15, y = 0.125 and z = 0.25 (<0.15, 0.125, 0.25> in vector format) otherwise it may not rez for hunters.
  • Remember that the hiding helper object that is distributed along with the hunt sign can be used to assist with finding an appropriate hiding spot, coming up with a hint, and to familiarize yourself with the size requirements of the final object.
  • DO NOT recolor the object. At all. We have special reasons for the cock being golden, which the creator (Dark Renoir of Dark Secrets) made special for us. If you break this rule, we will tell you to change it and/or give you a new one.
  • DO NOT SET THE OBJECT FOR SALE. The script inside the object knows what to do and when to do it. We understand mistakes happen, so if your hunt object walks off after a hunter grabs it we need you to immediately contact SufferingFrom Lockjaw to get the issue fixed. This will be a ONE TIME replacement and cannot be repeated. Since we have had this occur multiple times before we will already have a good idea what happened and we will insist on checking the replacement immediately to ensure it is properly fixed.
  • Your object will let us know if it is set up correctly.
  • If there is an issue we will notify you fairly quickly so that it can be fixed.
  • If you notice that your object is not working properly, and we have not contacted you yet, feel free to send a notecard (or IM if online) to SufferingFrom Lockjaw.

Hiding Spots and Decoys

  • DO NOT hide the object in an unfair manner. This includes but is not limited to putting the object INSIDE a solid, transparent, or phantom prim (wall, box, under a sofa that is flat with the floor, in a sealed display case behind glass, under the floor of a skybox store or other such place). While we all want to make them work for this it seriously isn’t cool to put the hunt object it INSIDE a prim or inside a sealed box even if all or part of it is transparent. Remember that not all hunters are experts at camera work, and some don’t know how to disable constraints. Determination of the fairness of a hiding spot is at the sole discretion of hunt staff, and if we determine that your hiding spot is unfair we will require you to move the object and give a new hint. We will give one warning for this infraction.
  • Make sure that the hunt object and any decoys in use are WITHIN 50m of the landing point. Any farther away from there will get you a warning to move it closer and may require you to give a new hint.
  • Remember that the hiding helper object that is distributed along with the hunt sign can be used to assist with finding an appropriate hiding spot, coming up with a hint, and to familiarize yourself with the size requirements of the final object.
  • You may use up to FIVE (5) decoy objects. All decoys must be able to be identified as a decoy either by name and/or by scripted means.
  • If you choose to use decoy objects please follow the instructions you were provided with your hunt object to see how to properly create them.
  • DO NOT DELETE THE SCRIPT OR ALTER DECOY OBJECTS IN ANY WAY OTHER THAN WHAT IS PERMITTED FOR HUNT OBJECTS. This ensures that the decoys work properly. As an added benefit you can easily swap your active object with a decoy if you need to, just make sure you keep your hints up to date if you do so.


  • June 20, 2023 is the deadline for submitting hints.
  • A hint must be provided by each participating merchant for use on the website by the deadline.
  • Remember that the hiding helper object that is distributed along with the hunt sign can be used to assist with finding an appropriate hiding spot, coming up with a hint, and to familiarize yourself with the size requirements of the final object.
  • You may use the hint giver included in the hunt sign for any extra hints you may wish to give. Doing so will help provide a better experience for hunters who need extra help.
  • Please make sure your hint (including any extra hint) is relevant. You want hunters to work at finding your gift, but you also want them to find it so they get hooked on your goods. If hunters complain to us about your hints being irrelevant we do come to check. If we find that your hint is inadequate we may take actions in order to improve the experience of hunters.
    1. We might give you suggestions for hints that you could use.
    2. We might suggest a hiding place that is more suitable to your hint.
    3. We might just make up our own hints to give hunters.

Merchant Tags

  • Merchants are given a special tag in Hunt for Your Inner Slut that grants the ability to send notices through the group and moderate the group when needed! This means that merchants have the power and responsibility in the hunt group to help US make HYIS the best it can be. We expect you to act responsibly and professionally with these abilities. For this reason we have written some rules for the merchant tag below.
    1. We permit merchants to post up to a maximum of TWO (2) advertisement notices in any consecutive fourteen (14) day period stating your sales, new items, or other advertisements. We request that notices be limited to only ONE (1) notice in any 24 hour period. We also ask that store owners NOT post their notices or other advertisements to the group chat. Doing this helps keep the hunt chat clutter-free, so that you everyone can find important messages and hunters can ask questions when needed.
    2. If you have A LOT of info you want to share, attach a notecard to your notice! If you need advice on writing up a good notecard, ask SufferingFrom Lockjaw. She will show you examples of some of her favorites.
    3. PLEASE keep the spam to just your store or friends’ businesses that are WITHIN the hunt. Please be fair to the rest of the store owners, and obey this rule.
    4. PLEASE refrain from specifically naming OTHER hunts within the chat or notices (either in the title or body). We provide you with notice rights to help promote YOU to our hunters and other store merchants, NOT to promote other hunts or hunt groups. If you wish to mention that you are participating in other hunts we ask that you please mention them in a generalized way (IE: “Come search for my other hunt objects!”). You may then put the specifics (including hunt names if you wish) in a notecard and attach it to your notice.
    5. If a hunter misbehaves in the group (talking down about a store, a gift, or a member of hunt staff), please be an adult and handle it maturely. Give them THREE (3) warnings (these three warnings CAN be from three different store owners), and then you have permission to eject them from the group. Please make a copy of the conversation, notecard it, and give it to SufferingFrom Lockjaw. This is important as it is the only way to prove your actions were justified.
    6. Treat others as you would like to be treated. This is an international politeness rule. We are INTERNATIONAL, so if you have a question about if something will be taken badly, come to us and ask. We will tell you which direction to go in a conversation, or if someone was being rude (We are fairly well-versed in cross-cultural conversations).
    7. If for ANY reason you need to move your store, leave the hunt, move your object, kill a hunter, ANYTHING… let us know, PLEASE. We know it’s a bit of a nuisance to let us know as soon as you know yourself, but we REALLY need to know, because hunters WILL go ballistic if they land at your place and your store is gone, or the location of the object doesn’t match your hint. Let’s try to make this hunt move smoothly, by YOU communicating with US as much as you can, ok?
      • If you need to move your hunt object within your current location simply move it to its new hiding spot, click on it, and click the button labeled “moved” on the menu that appears and you are done. NOTE: This menu only appears for the owner of the hunt object.
    8. STAY IN COMMUNICATION WITH US! We are VERY approachable, friendly, and caring people. If you have an issue, come to us. If your store moves, let us know. If you are having RL issues (physical, mental, familial) PLEASE come talk to us so that we can work with you. Our door really IS open. We care about EACH of you, even if we seem like we are extremely busy during the hunt. Remember that even though we are business associates, there is a RL heart behind each of us.
    9. Outside of the hunt group, you can run things as you wish. Inside the hunt group, WE represent EACH OTHER. This is a hunt, but we are also a close-knit group that has become almost like a family since 2012. If we are not online and you break one of these rules, SOMEONE WILL TELL US.
    10. Remember to have fun above all. We don’t ask much of you all, but if we have to correct you too many times, we CAN and WILL remove your store merchant tag, and we may even remove you from the hunt entirely. We will do everything in our power to make this hunt run smoothly. Although we HATE being hard on anyone, we will do so to protect our hunt.

Gift Preview Images

  • If you want to ensure that your gift is pictured on the website you can send your hunt gift to our photographer, SufferingFrom Lockjaw.
  • Do not send images of your gift for inclusion on the website. Only images taken by hunt staff of the gifts will be used.
  • Any gift not submitted before July 01, 2023 will be picked up by staff hunters as their personal schedules permit.
  • Gift images will appear on the gifts page during the first week of the hunt.

Sponsorship (OPTIONAL)

  • There are a limited number of twenty (20) sponsorship slots available.
  • Sponsor stores will be featured on the website with a logo on the side of the page linked to their in-world location, these are randomly re-ordered with each page load.
  • Sponsor stores will be listed first on the hint page.
  • If you are approved as a sponsor please make sure to provide your logo to us so we can put it on the side of the site with a SLURL link to your location. Please keep in mind that the logo should be square (or at least very close to square), otherwise your logo may not be usable. Logo link image sizes are 180 pixels wide and 180 pixels tall. If your logo image is larger we will resize it to fit within a 180 pixel square area.
  • Sponsorship is L$500 and is due upon request of SufferingFrom Lockjaw.

Applying to the hunt means agreeing to follow all the rules listed the entire time you are participating in the hunt, a sponsor of the hunt, or are represented in the hunt group as a merchant or applicant. All merchants must follow these rules whether during a round of the hunt or between rounds of the hunt.

Please note that there may arise unforeseen substantial issues that hinder the hunt, hunters, or merchants and which may call for augmentation of the rules. If this occurs the rules as written in the current round of the hunt as of the application deadline of the hunt will remain in full effect unless the issue is of substantial enough concern to warrant immediate change. In the case an issue necessitates an immediate change we will attempt to notify merchants by any means possible as well as through blog posts on the home page of this site. Any new rules or modifications that are immediately required will go into effect no less than 48 hours after such blog post has been published to allow all parties time to comply with the modification of the rules.